Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eye contact of doctor with patient strengthens their bond as per the study

Actually, patients are fond of those doctors who make eye contact to make them think that they are concerned. “The goal is to one day engineer systems and technologies that encourage the right amount of physician eye contact and other nonverbal social communication.” Enid montague said that we can build models that tell us how much eye contact is necessary to gain trust of patients and to get connected with a doctor with certain tools and technology. After going through video of some patients for treatment of cold symptoms, it is understood that the short visit to a physicians gives nothing but has moving towards their computer systems. In fact, non verbal communication is important which is understood from patient’s feedback, and which is taken quantitatively. Montague said that it is thoroughly looked at the happening at every point of time in order to validate a lot of the qualitative studies”. Simple things like eye contact can have a big impact on patient. If patients feel their doctors aren’t being empathetic, then they won’t visit again for treatments or medical advice to those who aren’t seeking of their care and this makes health care system costly for patients.

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