Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Discovered facts on how flu gains grip in your body

A new study of mice clears your questions on how flu virus gets succeed in infecting people as researches found the flu memory B cells to disturb antibody production permitting it to repeat more proficiently and prevent the immune system from increasing a second defense. “We can now add this to the growing list of ways that the flu virus has to establish infection.” As said by Joseph Ashour. Virus are always on foothold and this targets memory cells in the lung to allows infection to get established- even if the immune system is experiencing it for second time. In fact, memory B cells have virus specific receptors which are difficult to separate and researches have attached a fluorescent label which allows them to identify it. The infectious process of flu is used for other viruses as “we can now make highly effective immunological models for a variety of pathogens, which is a perfect method for studying memory immune cells? Ashour said that, this is research could help with rational vaccine design, leading to more effective vaccines for seasonal flu and It suggests original strategies for conferring immunity.

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