Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aged men are hospitalized due to urinary tract infection in them

It is learned that urinary tract infections are common in woman but men too, develop these conditions and get hospitalized, as it needs treatment in hospital which is of more cost. If hospitalized early, it reduces the medical expenses. “We found that those patients who were hospitalized for treatment of urinary tract infections were most often older men with serious kidney infections. They are more to be seen at urban teaching hospitals, and treats in ZIP codes with higher medium incomes.” according to Dr. Jesse Sammon. Sammon said that, supervising these high risk patients more assertively in the outpatient background may prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and reduce health care costs. The recent study mentioned 10.8 million patients with UTI with kidney and bladder infection and nearly 17 % were admitted for treatment in hospital. Over the present period, 2006 to 2009, there was a normal of 2.7 million emergency department visits for UTI, leading to 450, 136 admissions. And also the rapid rise has exceeded all previous estimates and translated into direct cost of 1.6 billion per year to the U.S health care system.”

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