Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Different brain developments shown by stutter children

According to Canadian study, children who stutter possess less gray matter in brain when compared to those who speak normal with treatments available to improve the condition. It is evaluated that 28 children have undergone MRI brain scans and half are diagnosed with speech impediment and others as control group. Due to abnormal development of the lower frontal gyrus area of the brain from which the language, codes and sounds are understood to speak in normal way. “ If you think about the characteristics of stuttering- repetitions of the first sounds or syllables in a word, prolongation of sounds in a word—it’s easy to hypothesize that it’s;” a speech motor control problem.” according to author Deryk Beal. The difference between brains of adults who stammer and those who not shows a lot of difference and this can be covered after years of the problem. It can never make you sure in difference of brain structure or its function or it continues for lifelong. When you know about motor learning then you can give treatment of shorter period to kids effectively.

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