Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The sufferer of Migraine can also participate in various activities and sports

(Health and Beauty) People suffering from migraine can also leave a healthy and fit life as said by Dr.Edward who is the medical advisor of Migraine Association of Ireland. He also said that it is important to ensure safety before they take participate in any sports event. He advised that “Prepare diligently, arrive relaxed and try not to be stressed by being late. Get a good night's rest and take plenty of fluids”. He also found some solution during attack and they are cheese, chocolates and even wine. They also advised to take painkillers if the headache is quite severing to control. He advised to take this medication before the sever attack in been stuck and it become too high to control. He explained that Migraine is usually due to headache that occurs in the head and it is quiet severe. Sometimes it becomes so severe that it feels like striking in the head.

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