Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gilead's New Hepatitis C Drug highly Cost at $84,000

Hepatitis C is a severe disease and the cost of its treatment adds more to the seriousness. The new treatment discovered for Hepatitis C drug called Sovaldi will almost cost $1000 per pill. The manufacturers Gilead Sciences has fixed its price and for whole treatment the cost will go up to grand $84,000. The upheld price is a question for around 150 million people who are suffering from this disease across the globe. The prices can leave them helpless in terms of treatment. This is just not affordable for low income groups. Three Democratic lawmakers from the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Reps. Henry Waxman of California, Frank Pollone of New Jersey, and Diana DeGette of Colorado sent a letter of concern to the Gilead looking forward for an explanation for this big price-tag. The trio has raised the obvious problem that no matter how much effective the Sovaldi but a treatment will not be able to cure patients if they are not able to afford it.

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