Thursday, March 27, 2014

Learning about true age of your heart key curb lifetime heart disease risk

According to a new study published in journal Heart states that the understanding the true age of the heart is the key to controlling the lifetime risk of developing and dying from the heart disease. The new consensus recommendation shows how the best to stave off the worldwide epidemic of the cardiovascular disease. The researchers emphasized the importance by putting the patients in the driving seat and further starting the preventive action at early stage using the new method of risk assessment by the JBS3 risk calculator. It helps in the identification of the risk factors that are involved and also the national public health initiatives The authors further explained, “Acute cardiovascular care is expensive and with life expectancy continuing to rise, the prevalence of CVD continues to increase. The lifesaving gains made through national investment in acute cardiovascular care over more than a decade now need to be complemented by a modern and integrated approach to cardiovascular prevention.”

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