Thursday, March 27, 2014

Response of unborn children to glucose linked with mother's insulin sensitivity

According to a study published in Diabetologia showed the evidence that the fetal brain response to the dose by sugar given orally to the mother can be linked with the mother's insulin sensitivity. This can further indicate the risk of subsequent obesity and the diabetes that too in the womb. The researchers further aimed to show that the metabolism of a pregnant woman the following a meal and also the influences fetal brain activity. The authors also looked into the possible reasons by the difference in audio response times. Authors further state that, “It is possible that insulin-resistant mothers have higher glucose levels accompanied by increased insulin levels after a meal. As glucose passes the placenta, these increased glucose levels induce excess insulin (hyperinsulinaemeia) in the fetus. Therefore, high insulin levels in the mother may correspond to high insulin levels in the fetus. It is possible that high insulin levels are a prerequisite for appropriate brain maturation.”

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