Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Glue holding together skin cells are very active than realized

As per the latest research on Drosophila flies, along with the previous studies in cell cultures are now giving a new point of view that the adherens junctions helps to maintain integrity of tissues by the passive resisting disruptive forces. These strong mechanical attachments that act likes ‘glue’ holds together the cells of the skin and also the other epithelial tissues of the body. The researchers have found evidence in the living organisms that the adherens junctions very actively respond to the mechanical cues by rearranging own position and intensity hence restructures the cells. The researchers found that the glue is more active than believed. The lead researchers, Eric Wieschaus, Ph.D., and Mo Weng, Ph.D., the postdoctoral fellow in the lab have used the live imaging and also quantitative image analysis for the fixed and live embryos. This helps them to determine that the changes are dependent on the mechanical force controlled by the motor protein myosin.

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