Friday, March 21, 2014

High-frequency breathing support can help in better functioning lung function

As per a new study conducted at the King's College London and published in New England Journal of Medicine discovered that if the premature babies are immediately supported by the high-frequency oscillation that can actually help to improve to lung function. This is a breathing support system for those who are suffering breathing problems. The premature babies are more exposed to breathing problems as compared to the other normal babies. Ventilation problems can also continue to the adolescents and needs to be treated in an effective manner since the beginning. Further the babies ventilated from high frequency method showed the higher academic results in almost three of eight school subjects. An expert, Anne Greenough, Professor of Clinical Respiratory Physiology at King's College London, explains “Poorer lung function in adolescence could have further consequences later in life, such as making children more vulnerable to the damaging effects of smoking and infection.”

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