Friday, March 21, 2014

MRI could be used in magnetic fields to treat balance disorders

Following the previous researchers reported in the year 2011 published in journal Current Biology stated that an MRI's magnetic field can push the inner ear fluid hence responsible for maintaining the balance. The extension of same research brings out that the people suffering from balancing disorders or dizziness are now traceable from the inner-ear disturbance and will be show up the distinctive abnormal eye movements. This will happen when the affected ear is revealed to the strong pull from the MRI's magnetic field. Further the two latest studies suggest that the strong magnets can be helpful in diagnosing, treating and also examining the inner ear disorders. This will better and comfortable treatment compared to the existing ones. The study is published in scientific journal PLOS One. According to the experts, using of magnetic stimulation with the help of a portable device could easily fit in a doctor's clinic and will offer a promising alternative that’s more efficient and relaxed.

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