Friday, March 21, 2014

Offices in open floor plans can lead to more sick days

As per an interesting research published in journal Ergonomics, stated that the offices operating in open floor plans and with no individual workstations can be playing with health of their employees. For this research a comparative study was conducted and data was collected by 2,000 people working in seven different office designs. They found out that people working in offices with open floor apply more sick leaves as compared to the people working in offices. Also it has been found that women working in these offices take more short leaves as compared to men. The relation between the office plan and employees health is still unclear. Further the author’s believes, “A prospective study of the office environment's effect on employees is motivated by the high rates of sick leaves in the workforce. The results indicate differences between office types, depending on the number of people sharing workspace and the opportunity to exert personal control as influenced by the features that define the office types.”

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