Sunday, March 9, 2014

Indoor air pollution responsible for asthma and related symptoms

According to a study conducted at University of Tasmania in Hobart published in online scientific journal Respirology states that the indoor air pollution mold and environmental tobacco smoke, is responsible for asthma and asthma related respiratory symptoms and conditions in the middle-aged adults. The study aimed at finding the causes behind indoor air pollution and increasing asthma conditions. Under the guidance of Desiree Mészáros, the University of Tasmania in Hobart, researchers studied the connections between indoor air pollution sources along with asthma phenotypes and other such respiratory symptoms among the 5,729 middle-aged adults. Further the participants completed respiratory and other home environment questionnaires for detailed investigation. Through deep investigation the researchers found high correlations between the mold in the home along with the prevailing current asthma conditions, wheeze, and nocturnal chest tightness. To control this situation authors suggests that, “In middle age, reducing home exposure to mold and environmental tobacco smoke might reduce asthma and asthma-related respiratory symptoms.”

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