Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kids still entangled in Fukushima battle after Tsunami

Three years back Tsunami halted life. It has taken away thousands of people. Every survivor’s life changed in a big way. Despite of such heavy destruction the bane is still not over. There are hundreds of kids still fighting Fukushima battle. Recently thousands volunteers have taken part in the anti-nuclear demonstrations in Tokyo. The demonstration is an awakening call for those who are suffering from destruction. It is the need of the hour. Mitsuhiro Hiraguri, director of the Emporium Kindergarten in Koriyama, from the Fukushima nuclear plant explains, “There are children who are very fearful. They ask before they eat anything, 'does this have radiation in it?' and we have to tell them it's OK to eat. But some really, really want to play outside. They say they want to play in the sandbox and make mud pies. We have to tell them no, I'm sorry. Play in the sandbox inside instead.”

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