Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New series of antibiotics revealed

Scientists all over the world are working day in and out to improve health and medicines. Recently scientists from University of Notre Dame made a striking discovery. They have unfolded a new series of antibiotics. These new antibiotics can fight deadly bacteria including methicillin and can be used as resistant Staphylococcus aureus and other drug-resistant bacteria. The research is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The researchers have given 1.2 million compounds and the oxadiazole hold back the penicillin-binding protein, PBP2a, and the biosynthesis of the cell wall that enables MRSA to control other drugs. Greg Crawford, dean of the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame explains, “Mayland Chang and Shahriar Mobashery's discovery of a class of compounds that combat drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA could save thousands of lives around the world. We are grateful for their leadership and persistence in fighting drug resistance.”

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