Friday, March 7, 2014

Malaria brain damage is cured in mice with a drug which raises the levels of BDNF in human beings

According to the doctors and scientists, cerebral malaria is a severe impediment of disease with the malaria parasite which is affecting nearly 1 in 1000 children where malaria is common. Due to this, most of the patients lead to deaths and those who survive have lasting neurological and cognitive disabilities along with learning disorders and epilepsy. The study, published online on March 6th in PLOS Pathogens presented that a famous medicine can stop brain damage in a cerebral malaria affected mouse model and remove following neurological deficits. The diseases with malaria parasite draws out a strong and powerful immune response in the sufferer and it is considered that both host and parasite reaction contribute to the problems in the nervous system in cerebral malaria. According to the authors, “Our results demonstrate that rosigilitazone adjunctive therapy resulted in increased survival and protection from long term cognitive impairments in a mouse model of cerebral malaria.”

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