Friday, March 7, 2014

General kidney dysfunctions after transplantation detected with simple urine examination

It is known that a latest noninvasive urine examination can discriminate the different causes of sensitive and severe kidney dysfunctions after having transplantation. Actually, the urine test is mentioned in a report which appeared in the upcoming journal of the American Society of Nephrology and it allows the patients to neglect persistent kidney biopsies when their particular transplanted organ does not function in a proper way. It is an indication when the creatine levels are eminent in the blood of the recipients who have gone through kidney transplantation and it’s done not function in a proper way. Many reasons are available for the transplant kidney dysfunction and none of them can be distinguished it. For the reason that, it is essential to know the right reason for the dysfunction of kidney in order to determine the right treatment, and the doctors perform a needle biopsy typically of the transplanted kidney. It is explained by Dr. Muthukumar that, “ Using statistical methods we have combined the mRNAs to yeild a diagnostic signature.”

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