Friday, March 7, 2014

Struggling for endurance in the gut: Sort out the secret difference of bacteria

It is studied that. Our intestines dock an enormous number of bacteria, which can be said as 100 times the number of cells in our body. It is known as gut bacteria and it belongs to 1000’s of species which co-exist, interrelate with each other and are important to our health. In fact, it is clear that the species imbalances may lead to disease, but it is not understandable at what speed does every species evolves in the gut. Actually, there is a method which contributes to the chance of a certain inoffensive species becoming more dangerous to the host. According to the researches shown by E. coil with various beneficial mutations quickly emerge and consequently, a huge genetic variation in the species is produced after some time. Actually, Charles Darwin was not aware that the method of natural selection, which he deduced from viewing the diversity in the surrounding world could be taking place inside his own body. As said by Isabel Gordo, “It is remarkable that we can study evolution with this level of quantitative precision in one of the most complex environments ever tackled.”

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