Friday, March 28, 2014

Medical community worried about Nitroglycerin shortage

There has been a worrisome situation in medical community due to the shortage of drug nitroglycerin. This is a big cause of concern among the medical practitioners and the hospitals in the United States. This particular drug is often used as the first therapy in the emergency room doctors while treating a heart attack patient. There is a big issue that hospitals and doctors might run out of this drug when the Baxter International, the only U.S. manufacturer of injectable nitroglycerin told about the slashing shipments of the drug. Further the Baxter and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are taking action to ease the shortage of nitroglycerin. Frederick Blum, M.D., an emergency doctor who treats patients at Ruby Memorial Hospital in West Virginia explains the situation, “It's one of those drugs that in certain circumstances, there really is no substitute for. If we had one or two patients that were really sick that needed extended drips, it could exhaust our supply pretty quickly.”

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