Friday, March 28, 2014

Psychosocial factors that could help IVF patients

According to a reviewing research conducted at the University of Bristol's School of Clinical Sciences have explored the psychosocial factors that can be linked with the emotional issues of IVF patients further the researchers have also highlighted the key psychosocial factors that could helped to identify the patients at high risk of stress. The research further found out that the neuroticism or the uses of escapist strategies are positively linked with the distress by the multiple studies whereas the social support is actually negatively linked to the distress other studies. The researcher, Helen Rockliff, PhD student at University explains, “In general, people who are socially connected and who use their social network for support during difficult times are happier and healthier, but it is interesting that this is the case for IVF patients too, because as many patients reveal, usually well after going through it all, infertility and its treatment are incredibly personal and many couples don't particularly want to tell people about it.”

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