Saturday, March 29, 2014

Married Couples Less Likely To Have Heart problems: Study.

In a study of more than 3.5 million Americans it was found that divorced or single people are more likely to suffer with any type of heart or blood vessel problems as compared to the married. Researchers found that the study was true, regardless of other heart disease risk factors they had such as diabetes or high cholesterol and at any age for men as well as women. The results found reasonable to Dr. Jeffrey Berger (preventive cardiologist, NYU Lagone Medical Centre) who discussed the recently completed study with the press. He added that it might be that if someone is married, they have a partner who encourages them to take better care of themselves. The questionnaires filled by people when they sought various types of tests in the community, setting all over the nation from an Ohio firm, Life Line Screening. In this study the average age of participants was 64, about two third of them were females and 80 percent were white. The results were applicable being regardless of age, sex, and race as said by the authors of the study. The results found by the study · As compared to single people, married people had a 5 percent less risk of having any heart disease. · In comparison with married people, widowed people had a 3 percent and divorced people had 5 percent greater risk of the disease. · 12 percent lower risk of issues relating to heart diseases was recorded in the married couple of under age of 50. · Obesity was most common in divorced and single. · Smoking was recorded highest in divorced and lowest in widowed ones. · High blood pressure, diabetes and inadequate exercise were most widely recorded in widowed people.

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