Monday, March 24, 2014

Mood-stabilizing drug can reduced risk of developing head and neck cancer

As per a latest study it has been found that a regularly used mood stabilizing drug can help in a big way to prevent head and neck cancer. Valproic acid (VPA) that is commonly prescribed as an anti-seizure medication for stabilizing mood effects in a person now is also being studied as a prospective anticancer agent. This drug inhibits the histone acetyl transferases that will help to control gene expression by altering DNA structure. The study is published in online journal Cancer. This is one of the most important discoveries in field on finding solutions to the deadly disease Cancer. The lead author, Johann Christoph Brandes MD, PhD, of the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Emory University in Atlanta, explains, “Head and neck cancer is an important global health crisis, and low cost and low toxicity prevention strategies like VPA use have a high potential impact on pain, suffering, costs, and mortality associated with this disease.”

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