Monday, March 24, 2014

Implementations can take steps to improve care transitions

According to a new study published in Medical Economics states that the implementation of a rigorous and precise process can only help to improve the transitions of care. The researchers have observed that there is a high rate of failings in transition care between the settings or the providers have poor communication and insufficient meeting by the patients and caregivers. The author, Elizabeth W. Woodcock, M.B.A., suggest various steps to improve the situation. There should be formal inbound patient referrals. There should be increased concentration on logistics of external referral. The file for payment of the transition should be according to new Current Procedural Terminology codes. Collaborations with other health care providers could be helpful. There should be improvement in performance particularly the hospital readmissions. Identification of prevention strategy opportunities and lastly work on the participation in a patient-centered medical home. Author writes, “Ideally, a care transition is a value-based, patient-centric event that does not disrupt the continuity of care.”

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