Thursday, March 20, 2014

Negative Impact of Mental Status on Socio-Economic Opportunities

High rates of mental health problems plague both St Louis city as well as the country. A recent study revealed the proportion of such sufferings at 4.5 days and 3 days per month for the city and county respectively. It was also found that such state of mental health affects both social as well as economic opportunities negatively. According to Professor Darrel L Hudson of the Washington University, "Mental health affects people's social and economic opportunities, and in turn, social and economic opportunity affects mental health.” An example is the low rate of schooling among people suffering from such mental states and having lower earnings. It is the economic backwardness that comes in the way of proper treatment of people suffering from mental health problems. Researchers also made multiple recommendations for addressing the problem. Their recommendations include improving awareness to tackle the mental problems and at the same time improving the process of screening such mental status through better medical facilities.

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