Thursday, March 20, 2014

Studying Activities of Brain During Learning Process

Neuroscientists conducted a study on the activities of brain during the learning process. These people from ETH and Zurich University discovered that when people commit some mistake in course of a learning process, certain areas of the brain gets activated. In fact, they were trying development of non-invasive tests that would examine the brain activities of patients during learning process. To conduct the research, the team used imaging techniques. These include fMRI and other such methods. Brain activities were determined on the basis of flow of blood in those parts of the brain. They wanted to find out ways of detecting the behavior of brain neurons. "Until now, it has been assumed that dopaminergic neurons signal an unexpected reward experienced during the learning processes," says Iglesias, author. Success of the research group was in their ability of finding out the way for independent activation of these neurons without any connection with gratification.

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