Thursday, March 20, 2014

Medicine to Prevent HIV Affecting Brain Discovered

HIV can have multiple adverse affects on human anatomy including brain. As it integrates with DNA the chances of its affecting the brain adversely multiplies. The problem is huge as according to WHO reports over 34 million HIV patients are there and additional 2.5 million are affected every year. However through their research, the study team was able to discover new medicine that could prevent the HIV from affecting the DNA and brain. "In our laboratories, we have discovered a highly potent HIV integrase inhibitor, or blocker, aimed at the 'point of no return' in HIV infectivity," said Nair of UGA College of Pharmacy. "This inhibitor is highly effective against many variations of HIV." According to the researchers, drug therapy can help create such impacts without much risk of side effects. It was found that cell signaling plays vital role expediting HIV cell invasions. The research team found that the process in which the HIV affects DNA is a complex process but the medicine discovered can prevent it irrespective of the complexities.

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