Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Prostate Cancer Treatment By Targeting Metabolism

Targeting Metabolism can turn out to be cure of number of incurable diseases like Prostate cancer. Scientists at University of Houston and their teams are making efforts in developing new generation of therapies for curing these kinds of diseases. The study lead author Frigo said "The androgen signaling cascade is important for understanding early and late-stage prostate cancer progression,”. He further added "We found that when androgens activated this signaling pathway, it hijacked normal conditions, allowing the tumor to use diverse nutrients to the detriment of the patient. These results emphasize the potential utility of developing metabolic-targeted therapies directed toward this signaling cascade for the treatment of prostate cancer, and we look forward to exploring this and other metabolic pathways further in order to develop the next generation of cancer therapies." During the study Frigo and his team analyzed that prostate cancer cells highly respond to the androgens and speed up sugar breakdown process. This process is termed as glycolysis. This process is highly seen in different type of cancers.

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