Thursday, March 20, 2014

Novel Strategies on Breast Cancer Developed by Rice University Researchers

Researchers from Rice University have been able to develop strategies that will help address breast cancer threats with ease and convenience. They have come up with an extremely colorful wheel to display the interaction of proteins and their possible impact on the human anatomy. Findings of the Rice University study team has already been rewarded internationally for their contribution in finding out the root causes of breast cancer. It is the colorful bio-wheel showing the protein interaction that brought them the laurels. The Wendy Hu led team created one of the best interactive tools that would visualize “big data”. "BioWheel visualizes this data in a way that lets people quickly grasp changes in a protein and its connections over time," Wu said. "If you want to know how sets of proteins in a cancer cell change when you use a particular drug, this allows you to see their relationships quickly." Incidentally, the Bio-Wheel indicated the impact of protein interaction through green and red colors.

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