Thursday, March 20, 2014

Only one Fifth of Children Have Nature Connections

Majority of children in United Kingdom have no links with nature. Most of them are missing out on the world outside and nature. Only one of every five children has any connection with nature whatsoever, a study report reveals. In fact the study that spanned over three years found the instances to be around 20%-21% only in the age group of 8-12. While girls were found to be more exposed to nature, boys were less prone to such exposure says the study. They also found the instances of child exposure to nature to be poorest in Wales. Non-exposure to nature was attribute to fear of dirt and dust in parents. According to Sue Armstrong Brown “In some cases it is perceived as a dirty or unsafe thing and that's an attitude that won't help a young person climb a tree.” RSPB that conducted the study also defined what “connected to nature” refers to. After their survey they found that above average exposure to nature was 27% in case of girls as against only 16% in case of boys.

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