Thursday, March 20, 2014

Staph Toxin Works Against Immune System

According to the New York University research studies conducted recently, staph toxin effects negatively the immune systems in human anatomy. The toxin contains a deadly bacteria that results in killing of the immunization cells in body. Such effects results in death for over one hundred thousand Americans annually. "What we've found is that Staph unleashes a multi-purpose toxin capable of killing different types of immune cells by selectively binding to surface receptors," says Victor J. Torres, senior author. According to him Staph has the uncanny ability to target the immune system in the body at various stages. While the scientists already knew about the adverse impacts of staph toxins on the immune system in human anatomy they did not have much idea how it works. The recent study is a step forward in the right direction that could throw lights on the working of the staph toxins on immunizing cells in the body and how infections occur due to their presence.

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