Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recreational drug users unknown to dangers of switching from ecstasy to mephedrone

According to a new study published in British Journal of Pharmacology states that opposing the popular belief that among recreational drug users, mephedrone has many important disparities when it is compared with MDMA that is also known as ecstasy. These differences actually mean that the mephedrone can lead a user to the sensitive withdrawal symptoms and hence indicating that it may high potential for developing dependence as compared to MDMA. This study is an eye opener for those who use these recreational drugs. They should be aware of the dangers they might have to face due to switch. The co-researcher, Professor Richard Green, who works at the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nottingham and is a Trustee of the British Pharmacological Society explains, “Although users report that mephedrone produces similar psychoactive effects to MDMA, these two drugs produce different changes in the brain and the adverse effects they produce, particularly when ingested with other drugs, will therefore be different.”

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