Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Risk of alcohol-related cancer scares binge drinking in college students

As per a latest study conducted at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York states that the college students when exposed and educated to the risk messages of the alcohol-related cancer leads to lower intention to engage in binge drinking. The previous records show that the binge drinking has been a problem for the Universities, as students enjoy it thoroughly during their college days. This is serious for public health and can lead to severe consequences. Making students aware about the real dangers will help to prevent such situations. The co-researcher, Cindy Yixin Chen from State University of New York explains, “The current alcohol-prevention campaigns generally focus on consequences of binge-drinking, such as DUI, unintended injuries, death, or a series of health and psychological problems. These negative consequences are well-known, and students hear these repeatedly, which may incur message fatigue. The risk messages we designed focused on the cancer incidence rates attributable to drinking.”

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