Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Research Revealed That Risk of Heart Attack Rises After Angry Outburst

It has always been said to keep calm to stay safe from heart attacks, but researches are now reveling the risk of heart attacks increases within just one hour of Angry Outburst. According to a report of Dr. Sripal of Bangalore, some interesting facts have been notices. Some of them are as follows: Dr. Sripal Bangalore, associate professor of medicine at NYU Lang one Medical Center in New York City said "It is not surprising that such an association is seen since we know that anger is associated with increased reaction of the body's nervous system to stress,". What happen thereafter? As per repots within the period of two hours of the incident of angry outburst, the said person get menace of acute coronary syndrome or heart attack increased almost five-times. The risk of such stroke increases to nearly four-times and the risk of getting a dangerous heart beat disorder called ventricular arrhythmia can also rose.

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