Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What study revels’ about the protein 'switch' to cell division of heart

Johns Hopkins researchers discloses some facts based on results of a research program that has began in infant siblings amid a unusual heart defect mentioned that they have recognized a key cell switch that is regulating cell division of heart and are normally turning process off from the time of their birth. cardiologist Daniel P. Judge, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute's Center for Inherited Heart Diseases said "This study offers hope that we can someday find a way to restore the ability of heart cells to divide in response to injury and to help patients recover from many kinds of cardiac dysfunction,". He has further mentioned that "Things usually heal up well in many parts of the body through cell division, except in the heart and the brain. Although other work has generated a lot of excitement about the possibility of treatment with stem cells, our research offers an entirely different direction to pursue in finding ways to repair a damaged heart."

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