Friday, March 7, 2014

Research says “Context switch in routine life may stress us”

A new Cornell research published in qualiterly report of Social Psychology explains a link between social settings and transitioning, like from home to office that can result in stressful daily life. Cornwell's study reveals that women and men experience a number of activities likewise. Being a analyst of social network, speculates that the manifold roles and background that working women fit in on a daily basis add to the unpredictability of their daily lives more as compared to men. Cornwell being the lead researcher says "Switching is a constant reality for women – morning, day and night – and they switch between more disparate social roles. They go from being at work, which is formal, authoritative and hierarchical, to being at home with a child within a matter of 10 minutes". He father suggested "A key paradox of social life is that a rich and supportive social network creates a complex of micro social problems associated with sequencing social interactions, synchronizing schedules and transitioning between contexts. Maybe the secret to understanding health issues like stress is to look at those social connections more microscopically".

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