Friday, March 7, 2014

Stress boost up probability of depression exacerbated by Parkinson's

Researchers working at the University Of Cincinnati (UC) have provided facts about Chronic stress the boost up depression probabilities. The said research bottom lines connection among between depression and Parkinson's, and showed that conditions can become complicated with impact of chronic stress. These results had been published on the internet, and the main researcher was held by professor, PhD, and the vice chair of vital research in UC's rehabilitation and neurology medicine sector and main director of UC's Neuroscience Graduate Program Kim Seroogy along with James Herman, professor of psychiatry, PhD on behavioral neuroscience being the director of UC's Network for Neuroscience Discovery. Seroogy says "Studies have shown that up to 50 percent of Parkinson's patients experience debilitating depression, so it's a huge quality of life issue, in fact, many people with Parkinson's complain more of depression symptoms than they do of the actual disease symptoms. Our research indicates that adverse life stress on top of Parkinson's disease could be negatively modifying the disease itself."

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