Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sepsis study evaluate three treatments proves same survival rate

According to a five year study conducted published in New England Journal of Medicine states that the chances of survival among the patients from septic shock is quite similar indifferent of their treatment based on the goal specific therapy or specific protocols with high level care or standard care. This high scale randomized trial was studied in 31 academic hospital emergency departments throughout the country. Different treatments opted by the practitioners were studied for the results. Sepsis is an inflammation that affects throughout the body that is caused by an infection. If not treated on time could lead to dangerous problems. Sarah Dunsmore, Ph.D., who performed the ProCESS trial for NIGMS explained that, “ProCESS set out to determine whether a specific protocol would increase the survival rates of people with septic shock. What it showed is that regardless of the method used, patient survival was essentially the same in all three treatment groups, indicating that sepsis patients in these clinical settings were receiving effective care.”

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