Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spanking babies- A common act

Spanking babies can be awkward in hearing but it is a common act among the parents. The most surprising thing about spanking is it gives joy to the parents. As per a study conducted at the University of Michigan study states that at least 30 percent of 1-year-old infants are spanked once in the month by their mother or father or both of them. As per the new research it shows that parents spank their kids who are very young even as early when they haven’t start walking. The study has appeared in the latest issue of journal Child Abuse & Neglect. Researchers found that spanking is parent’s way of showing their anger, depression and aggressive behavior to their infants and small kids. They might indulge in this act knowingly or subconsciously. The social work professor and co-author Shawna Lee explains, “Intervention to reduce or eliminate spanking has the potential to contribute to the well-being of families and children who are at-risk of becoming involved with the (social services) system.”

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