Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cancer - The biggest killer

Cancer is one the heart breaking disease. It not only breaks a person’s body but it also affects the will power of a person. The doctors and scientists are working day in and out to deal with this disease but it is still a big puzzle for them. Well there are different types of cancers, if God forbids someone gets entangled in this disease they have to suffer a lot. This is a heavy process from diagnosis, the stage and also the treatment. Even if it is treatable it is not an easy job. The treatments including Chemotherapy are painful as well as expensive process. An expert Dr. Schwartz explains, “Cancer is definitely driven by age. So the older you are the more likely you are to get cancer. So that number is going to keep going up with our aging population. Chemotherapy is so expensive and you're going through a very difficult time in your life, and a difficult treatment and a lot of difficult decisions...and you don't want to have to worry about very large co-pay. That should be the last thing you worry about, you need to worry about your treatment.”

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