Saturday, March 1, 2014

Specialist Training For Nurse Practitioners in Context to HIV

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing presented a new curriculum for providing specialized training to the nursing staff in terms of HIV and other disease of same reference and infection. JHUSON developed a special curriculum for the nursing staff. The expected time for the launch of this curriculum is after the enrollment of 10 to 12 students for nursing practitioners. This decision was made after observing the similar outcome of normal patients and patients who are suffering from HIV by nursing practitioners. This program will develop special skill of care and patience while dealing with HIV infected person. The grant of 1.5 Million Dollars is funded by Health resources and Service administration department. This funding is done for five years to develop a program like this. The training module of this program elaborate more care and attention are required by HIV infected people therefore, through this module it is easy to provide this by moving them to the primary care center were specialized setting of treatment is done for them. PhD Jason Farley, M.P.H., Chief developer of this curriculum "The design of our program starts with the recognition that HIV care cannot be provided in a silo, that it needs to be integrated holistically into primary care,".

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