Saturday, March 1, 2014

High Medicinal Facilities For Wounded Warriors Of War

War causes destruction. Many people died and lost their precious possession in it. North Califonia researchers stated that war for future isn’t possible without treating wound of past wars. They are planning to work with tremendous speed to recover loss of body parts. They are growing skin on the high burn areas, restoring completely destroyed faces, replacing lost arms and also performing some recovery work from the damage cause in the previous war. Director of Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Dr. Anthony Atala, said that "It's all about quality of life,” There is a fund of 75 Million dollars for the treatment of EX servicemen and women who were severally injured in last phase of war. More researchers are carried out in the regenerative field of medicine in order to generate tissues and organs for accurate therapy of healing the loss war had made to them. These researches are worthy for not only war patients but also for civilians too.

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