Thursday, March 20, 2014

Study raises questions on pace of giving antidepressants to grieving parents

As per a study conducted at Florida State University it was found that at times doctors are very quick in prescribing antidepressants pills to parents specifically who have suffered child loss during pregnancy or the first month of the birth. In this study 235 suffering parents participated through an online support community. The researcher found that 88 of them were prescribed a psychiatric medication that will help them to cope with their problem. Similarly some women got prescriptions say within a week after they loss their child. As per the researcher it is too quick rather patients should deal with the situation and get back to normal with the course of time. The lead researcher Jeffrey R. Lacasse, an assistant professor in the College of Social Work questions such prescriptions, “This is simply too soon after the loss to reasonably conclude that these women need long-term treatment with antidepressants. Even though our sample is select, the data raise disturbing questions about prescribing practices for grieving parents.”

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