Thursday, March 20, 2014

Study finds new pathway related to type 2 diabetes

The scientists from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute have worked hard and made a wonderful discovery to control type2 diabetes. They have discovered a new cellular pathway that is liable for controlling blood sugar levels low in the obese or pre-diabetic person. They also found out that this pathway may help them prevent the growth of initial Type 2 diabetes. This particular study stressed on how to improve the pre-existing beta cells and make them more functional for improvement at secreting insulin. The research is published in scientific journal Nature Cell Biology. The lead scientist, Dr. Robert Screaton, senior scientist at the CHEO Research Institute and associate professor at the University of Ottawa explains, “We were very excited when we found obese animals had three times the amount of SIK2 in their beta cells, meaning they were working harder to compensate for high blood sugar by turning up SIK2.”

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