Thursday, March 20, 2014

Physical activity along with drinking found leads to decrease in vision impairment

According to a new research published in Ophthalmology-the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that a physically active routine along with occasional drinking can help to reduce the risk of developing visual impairment. Basically visual impairment is loss of sight due to some eye disease, trauma, or a congenital or degenerative condition and cannot be treated with glasses or contact lenses. The chances increase with the age hence in order to check this situation one should adopt an active lifestyle and also go in for occasional drinking this will help to manage the internal forces and hence decrease in risk of vision impairment. The lead researcher, Ronald Klein, M.D., MPH explains, “While age is usually one of the most strongly associated factors for many eye diseases that cause visual impairment, it is a factor we cannot change. Lifestyle behaviors like smoking, drinking and physical activity, however, can be altered. So, it's promising, in terms of possible prevention, that these behaviors are associated with developing visual impairment over the long term.”

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