Saturday, March 29, 2014

Study speaks - Eating organic food doesn't lower overall risk of cancer

According to a study conducted at Oxford University it was found out that the women who prefer eating organic foods have the same chances of developing cancer as the women who eat normal produced foods. The detailed study is published in the British Journal of Cancer. The researchers further observed that there is no major difference in cancer risk when compared with 180,000 women who are not conscious about eating organic food as compared to other 45,000 women who always prefer eating organic food. Cancer Research UK's health information manager Dr Claire Knight explains, “This study adds to the evidence that eating organically grown food doesn't lower your overall cancer risk. But if you're anxious about pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables, it's a good idea to wash them before eating. Scientists have estimated that over 9% of cancer cases in the UK may be linked to dietary factors, of which almost 5% are linked to not eating enough fruit and vegetables.”

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