Saturday, March 29, 2014

Smoking bans cuts down premature births and kids asthma attacks

A new research states that banning smoking specifically in public places has helped to cut down the premature births by good 10 per cent. The scientists collected data from different parts of North America and Europe where smoking is banned. The analysis further showed that introduced of this ban have witnessed 10 per cent of fall in hospital attendance for the childhood asthma attacks. The study reveals the positive aspects of anti-smoking campaigns on kids. Smoke ban in public places is a bold step and have earned positive results. An expert, Professor Aziz Sheikh, Co-Director of the Centre for Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, explains, “This research has demonstrated the very considerable potential that smoke-free legislation offers to reduce preterm births and childhood asthma attacks. The many countries that are yet to enforce smoke-free legislation should in the light of these findings reconsider their positions on this important health policy question.”

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