Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teen Pregnancy Risks Higher Among Sexual Minorities

According to a recent study report adolescent sexual minorities are at greater risk of teen pregnancy. The reason is that they usually resort to less hormonal contraception. Study team led by Brittany M. Charlton from Harvard studied cases of 91,003 women who were born during 1947-64. They also took up study of 5463 children in the process to find out the vulnerability of teens in adolescent sexual minorities to become pregnant. Among the target group the use of hormonal contraception was much lower and incidences of teen pregnancies were higher proportionately. While the use of adolescent sexual minorities used less contraception, the same was much more in other sexual minorities. "Although teen pregnancy rates have declined over the last few decades in part because of increased use of effective contraception, there are still disparities by sexual orientation," the authors stated basing on their findings in the research conducted on women and their children.

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