Thursday, March 20, 2014

Physicians Prefer Reading Online Reviews About Them

One of the favorite pastimes for the doctors all around is monitoring their own performance online. That is why they study the online reviews about themselves. This was the findings of research group that surveyed the activities of over 360 healthcare providers. Reason for the popularity of online reviews among doctors is that they realize that patients are substantially influenced by such online reviews in selecting their healthcare providers. No less than 85% of the participants in the survey reported that they proactively monitored online reviews which revolved round them. Similarly around 36% of the participants said that they viewed the reviews about their competitors. Surveyors also collected their impression about the online reviews. 23% of the participants considered them very fair, 62% as fair, and 15% as unfair. "Patients are eager to access the health care system in the same way they engage with their favorite consumer brands, research hotels, or even book restaurants and flights, and it's important for any physician practicing in today's day and age to embrace this shift," according to Keri Peterson, lead author.

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