Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wi-Fi in Cars Could Be Hazardous to Health

Prevailing trend among the car users is to use Wi-Fi in their cars and many of them come with high speed Internet access. However scientists feel that a time has come to give a second thought to the issue. At least this is what is suggested by psychologists from Toronto. According to them there could be serious impacts of using Wi-Fi in cars that users should take into consideration. "Because of the potential for driver distraction, safety should be of great concern," said Professor Ian Spence, "Many people assume that talking to a voice-operated device will be as safe as using a hands-free cell phone, but neither activity is safe." Testing on these objects by the research group detected an object that creates visual clutter and could impair safe driving. In visual testing the vehicle users that were driving responded much slower in comparison to those not involved in the driving the vehicle. In any case; Wi-Fi addiction could cause otherwise preventable accidents.

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