Thursday, March 20, 2014

The key of foster care support in children is behavior

A research by the University of South Australia`s Australian Center for Child Protection (ACCP) provides information regarding children`s behavior for the encouragement of stronger family connections. The study focuses on children`s behavioral needs and on parents to receive the necessary, high quality and flexible interpersonal support. This study also talks about behavioral problems, such as aggressive, defiant and controlling behavior, behavior focused on anxiety, high risk behaviors, such as alcohol or drug usage and memory and cognition-related problems. “Sadly, the behavioral and emotional problems of some children in foster care mean that they struggle to attain a stable and continuous relationship within a foster family”, said Dr. Sara McLean, a registered psychologist in child and adolescent mental health. According to Dr. McLean, developing strategies could be of help to challenges regarding negative behaviors that results in abuse, but children could also reach their full educational, emotional and social potential.

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